Носитель английского языка. Репетитор онлайн Пол

My name is Paul I am a retired British army Colonel of the airborne division, as well as serving in special forces. From 1994 I was troop commander in command of teaching new officers at Sandhurst military academy. I have a masters degree with honours in History and a Bachelors degree in politics. I have […]

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носитель французского языка
Репетитор носитель английского и французского языка по скайпу

Репетиторский опыт – 8 лет. Я носитель французского языка и английского языка. Я учился и жил в Москве. Таким образом, я владею также русским языком. Образование: РУДН, юридический факультет, специальность – международное право, магистр (2011 г.); аспирантура РУДН. Бордосский институт (Франция), специальность – политика, юриспруденция, отучился 1 год. Окончил французский лицей в г. Оттава (Канада). […]

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носитель английского по скайпу
Репетитор онлайн носитель английского языка Свилен

Носитель английского языка Свилен Svilen is a native English speaker having lived for most of his life in the United States and the United Kingdom. He has a teaching degree from the University of West London and has been teaching professionally for over 10 years. His students are always happy with his personalized approach, positive […]

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english tutor
Teacher of British English

I’m a teacher of British English, passionate about my job, teaching languages​​, travel and living in new countries. Vast experience in teaching Business and General English, preparation for official certificates (Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS). My student profiles include managers, physicians, lab researchers, engineers, computer technicians, sales reps, economists, accountants, administrative staff, hotel staff, university students, travelers […]

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English Tutor Truman

I grew up in Texas. At the university I studied Molecular Biology. I also recieved a degree in Surgical Technology. Before I started teaching English I spent 23 years assisting surgeons in the operating room. I worked at various hospitals in Washington, Oregon, Colorado and California. The last job I had in America was at […]

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english tutor from england
Online english teacher from Great Britain. Samantha

Hi there My name is Samantha and I’m from Great Britain. I’m a native speaker of English and have lived the majority of my life in London.  I have a degree is in Business Studies. In addition to this, I am also a fully CELTA qualified teacher of English as a foreign language. This qualification […]

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english tutor native speaker
George. Proffessional online English teacher

I’m a proffessional online English teacher. I have a  university degree and an international certificate of advance business English. If you wonder the age of students, I ‘d say I prefer teenagers and adult ones. Once, I had two «young» ladies of 54 and 65 y.a. I guess, they’ve been the most advanced students in […]

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репетитор английского по скайпу
Носитель английского языка. Репетитор английского по скайпу Джо

My name is Joe.I’m 27 and a Gemini.I am an ONLINE ENGLISH COACHor an online English teacher.I’m a Communications graduate from the University of the Philippines.I worked as a Travel Guide and English Coach to Asians and non-English speaker Europeans (like Germans,French etc. ) for more than 2 years and was an English Academy teacher […]

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english teacher by skype
English teacher by skype native speaker Scott

Hello!  My name is Scott and I’m a 28 year old guy fromAmerica.  I’ve been teaching English in classrooms, IT companies and on Skype for the last three years.  The bulk of my time teaching has been spent inRussia, so I have amassed a great practical knowledge of how to teach English to Russian speakers.  […]

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native speaker
Professional online-english teacher by skype

Hello, I am Arnob Ani. I am basically from Bangladesh. Today i am a professional English teacher. It’s all started from my childhood, 15 years ago when i first fall in love with English. There are two professional languages in Bangladesh. One is Bengali & the other is English. Not necessarily every Bangladeshi student can […]

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english with native speaker
Professional online instructor by skype

Hi there! My name’s Andrew. I’m a young professional teacher of English as a foreign language. Since 2012 I have been teaching English by Skype. I’ve taught all levels from beginners to advanced and have many international students so I understand difficulties learners experience when acquiring a second or third language.  My teaching style is very dynamic. I […]

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английский с носителем
Английский по скайп с носителем. Рафаэль

English with a native speaker by Skype My name is Raphael and I come from New York city. I have been making a living through teaching for some 13 years now. I have 3 university degrees, as well as a TESOL certificate, which has prepared me to teach my language specifically to speakers of other […]

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английский с носителем
English Teacher via Skype. Marvin

My name is Marvin. I am an experienced English Teacher via Skype. I have been teaching English as a Second Language for more than three (3) years already. My former clients are from different countries, which include the Chinese, Japanese and Russian students. I usually teach Conversational English, IELTS, TOEFL and Business English for beginners, […]

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english by skype
Английский по скайп с носителем

Hello! My name’s Neophyte  Long ago, an outstanding scientist-linguist Wilhelm von Humboldt stated the following opinion: “Each language describes a circle round the people to which it belongs; a circle that can be left only by entering into another circle, formed by other language. Studying of someone else’s language must have therefore been an acquisition of […]

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английский язык с носителем
Носитель английского языка Стив

I am a 56 year old man born and raised in Chicago. I am a master of the English language and I am also an expert of business and contract English. I have been in management since i was 15 years old. I have been self-employed since I was 18 years old. I had started […]

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tutor online
Онлайн репетитор Рамсей. Носитель английского

My name is Ramsey and I’m an English language native speaker. I love teaching English language and helping students communicate in English, I have experience with a lot of students from different age groups and different shperes of life. I  love communicating with different people from all works of life and after years of travelling […]

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skype lessons english
Learning English by Skype

Hello! Learning English? Hmmm, that seems like a right decision!  And let’s make it even more right by having a right teacher. I am not your usual teacher, trying to impart knowledge feeding in your brains.  I tend to be a person who talks friendly, communicate at your level, and take you together to higher […]

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