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Multiglot was founded by a native English speaker born in Los Angeles, California, who now resides in the Russian Federation.

The goal of our agency is to bridge the gap for all those who seek to properly communicate in English.


of consumers

encounter mistranslations


of companies

make translation errors


of accidents

in the tech field are due incorrect translations

Mistakes are costly

Error-free translations are the key to protecting and improving your impeccable and hard-earned reputation.

Let’s face it - it’s a tough world out there and errors can make the difference between success and failure. When you want to not only retain your customers and position in the market, but expand your audience as well, the following irreversible consequences are extremely costly:

Your professionalism is in doubt

Easily correctable errors in translation and/or meaning reduce confidence in your competence and professionalism.

Loss of respect

Careless translations give the impression that you don’t care about your audience, which then begins to lose respect for you as a consequence.

Losing interest in you

Frustation due to, again, easily correctable errors, causes your audience (customers) to leave for your competitors.

We’re ready to help

Whether your goals are personal or professional, we can help you translate the meaning of your ideas within our areas of expertise, including but not limited to:


Naming your business or product


From .gov sites to news portals to personal blogs

Press releases

Official press releases

Social media

Posts on social media

Printed material

Books, articles, dissertations

Technical materials

Medicine, finance, technology, marketing etc.

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